Restricted and Master Keys for Business and Tenant Management

Hunter Locksmiths have been providing security solutions to businesses since 1977, and in that time, we’ve invested our resources into developing and providing the most efficient, secure locking systems to our customers. You can be confident that our business-grade locking solutions aren’t going to cause security and logistical problems like a conventional door lock and keyset would.

Having a complex individual locking system for an organisation can become a logistical nightmare when trying to distribute keys and maintain key legitimacy. By incorporating our restricted and master keys, you’ll not only save time, but restrict staff and customers to certain areas, as well as prevent anyone else from getting your keys cut.

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What’s the Difference Between Restricted and Master Keys?

Master keys are sometimes essential in keeping certain members of staff and customers restricted to limited areas, whilst minimising the number of keys those with unrestricted access must carry. Although they’re called Master ‘Keys’, we actually require changing of locks and locking systems in order for them to accept numerous keys. We can also install ‘Construction Keys’, which are essentially a type of Master key that prohibits other keys from using the lock after a different key known as a ‘voiding key’ uses it.

Alternatively, a Restricted key works well in situations where you don’t want other people, such as tenants, cutting the key. In the process of making your locks and keys, we patent a specific design and imprint a design code into the key, forcing all other locksmiths in Australia to refuse services to the customer who brought it in. We will ask for identification when you require additional restricted keys to be cut. Furthermore, all Restricted keys can have the same function as a Master key if you so choose. This makes the restricted-master key system the best alternative for businesses such as small hotels that wish to provide separate authorization for customers and staff.

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Restricted and Master Key Systems

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